Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ironman Training - BIG training weekend

One of my biggest training weekends yet. I was kind of nervous going into it, but I made it!

Saturday: 14 mile run. HUMID! Felt pretty good considering, but with the heat I slowed it down a little bit. Didn't want to get too nutty before...

Sunday: Amelia Earhart CENTURY ride followed by short run! Atchison, KS

Okay this is what I was most nervous about. It had been years...7+ or maybe 9?...since I did the MS 150 ride, which included a century. I did that ride 3 times. It's a lot. It's tiring. I kept telling myself that I am in MUCH better shape than I was then. Yes that helped a little.

In the training rides building up to this, there has been a point where I really felt like the fatigue was trying to take me down. To the point where I feel like I want to cry...and I'm cranky.

But as the rides get longer, my perspective changes and that fatigue point gets pushed out. Last week when I did 80, at mile 72 I was in that mentally & physical zone of discomfort and crankiness. This week, it was at about mile 82. Then once I get to mile 95, I'm happy again because I'm almost finished. And when I'm finished, I'm practically jumping up and down in the parking lot with joy.

It's pushing through that wall of fatigue that is really hard. All I can do is keep it steady, maybe slow it down a bit and try to be mentally strong. But what I really feel like doing is crying. All I can think is to just keep going and take it one mile at a time at that point.

Final result (not including SAG stops) 5:58 ~ 16.7 mph

Hour 1 & 2: slow warmup + headwinds ~ 16.3 mph (33.25 miles)
Hour 3 & 4: feeling good + tailwinds ~ 17.4 mph (34.05 miles)
Hour 5: tail and crosswinds back into town...getting warm ~ 17.1 (17.84)
Hour 6: really tired + headwinds ~ 15.9 (14.87)

Highlights: it is really beautiful up north there. I really enjoyed the peaceful, green countryside. The course is great...some rolling hills but nothing killer. My bike is still getting lots of attention..."I like your bike", "that's a nice bike", "I want your bike". LOL. I'm loving it. Nice to eat and hang out with Chad, Carly, and Oliver after the ride.

Negatives: I HATE seeing roadkill.

To improve: stick with the relaxed first hour. Don't try to hammer it. Probably pushed it a little too much around mile 55-70 and maybe could have saved a little bit. Might still be overdoing it a bit on the nutrition...a little too much Perpetuem maybe. Don't want too much in my tummy.

Woot off to check in on my Ironman Couer d'Alene friends! They are doing the whole darn thing today!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

2010 KC Corporate Challenge Triathlon

June 20th, 2010

Although I'm doing Ironman Louisville this year, my first love is the sprint triathlon. Some might say they are 'not enough' but I just love to crank them out!

Particularly the course at Shawnee Mission Park, my 'home course' and first triathlon back in 2000! With that many years of history on the course, it is fun to see how my times have changed.

Since then, I've cut almost 8 minutes from my time ~ as of my 1:02:32 today! This morning I had 5 personal bests: overall, transition 1 & 2, bike, and run. My overall demeanor during the race was determined...I was feeling the pressure of the clock and really wanted that personal best time!

Swim 500 ~ 11:26 (+ :51 on my personal best); Ranked 37th
T1 ~ 1:40
Bike 9 miles ~ 28:37:00 18.9 mph avg; Ranked 6th
T2 ~ :51
Run 2.4 miles ~ 20:00 8:20/mile avg; Ranked 15th

Overall 1:02:32 for 11th / 113.

I had a great time and enjoyed a gorgeous day. It was also fun to see everyone out there...a lot of KC Multisporters and newbies. The only thing I wasn't really that happy about was the swim. It really put my PR in jeapardy! Luckily it all worked out.

Today came the day after an 80 mile bike ride! I felt great both days. What did NOT feel great was the 8 mile training run after the race today. Hot, bonky, and cranky pretty much sums that up. I better buck up!

Monday, June 7, 2010

KS 70.3 – Swim 1.2 miles, Bike 56, Run 13.1

June 6, 2010 ~ Lawrence, KS

This race was a big part of my preparation for Ironman Louisville this year, and I felt WAY more prepared for it than the last 2 years. A few short weeks ago I engaged Perception Multisport coaching (Ryan Ross and Kathy Boyd) to help me bridge the gap between half Ironman and Ironman, and because I was not swimming. Yes I admit it…technically I started training for the 1.2 mile swim 4 weeks ago!

Swim – 1.2 miles ~ 44:28 (PR -2:11)

If I could finish that horrific choppy 1500 meter swim at Longview Lake two weeks ago (with little training), I could get through any swim. Luckily, the conditions at Clinton Lake were good and we were barely wetsuit legal (by ½ degree)!

What a beautiful morning! I enjoyed the swim. It is challenging making your way through the thrashing bodies in close proximity at the start, but you just have to be patient until things spread out. I felt pretty comfortable and had my own water for most of the race. Not many panic moments…only two male swimmers tried to power swim over me, one zig-zagger going back and forth right in front of me at the beginning (finally he went somewhere else), and some minor goggle issues that I could fix during the swim.

This is my first year with a wetsuit, and it did seem like the buoyancy was helpful in conserving energy during the swim. It makes your legs more float-y. Highly unlikely I will be able to wear that wetsuit at Louisville, but after this experience and investing more time in swimming I feel confident I can do the 2.4 mile Ironman swim!

I had a slightly leisurely Transition 1, with Glenn Bohannon yelling at me “come on Amy!”. I had to put some sunscreen on! :)

Bike – 56 miles ~ 3:07 17.9 mph (PR -15:45)

Ah, the new Felt B2 with race wheels. So nice and comfy! I have put in more work this year on the bike. The combination + great conditions made this segment joyous. The wind didn’t bother me (was there wind???) and I kept the pace steady and was feeling good, careful trying not to totally blow my legs out before the run. I think of it like the 85% rule…you go strong but try to pace yourself too because there is more to come.

Weird issues? There was an enormous deceased dear on the side of the road that made me sad. We also had to dismount our bikes and carry them over an oil spill in the road. There were lots of crazy bikers careening all over the place with no etiquette - oblivious to the fact that there are other people around them. One guy passed me and then proceeded to slow down and enjoy a snack break so I had to immediately pass him back. One disaster averted: a volunteer wasn’t looking and stepped out right in front of my bike at a water station because a guy had stopped in the middle of the road to get water instead of over to the side. My life and hers flashed before my eyes but she was able to get out of the way. I was kind of shocked that she didn’t look before trying to walk out there!

Run – 13.1 miles ~ 2:10 (PR -7:24)

Started off strong and then struggled. It felt hot out there. Stayed really well hydrated and had to buck up. I walked through the water stations. All the cheering from the KC people really helped!

Overall – 6:10:30 (PR -26:26) 237th / 444

Happy! My favorite part is still crossing the finish line. I came within 3 minutes of my goal time. Once again I missed Chrissie at the finish line, so luckily I had my picture with her Friday night!

So many KC people did the race, and I am SO impressed with everyone’s results. I am lucky to know so many strong, talented people.

Ironman here I come!!!